Friday, June 28, 2013

My Sports Loves Part 2...

Last week when I linked up with Sarah from I blogged about my sports love and realized I had WAY too many for just one post... So here is part 2.......

I am actually shocked I did not talk about my hockey love Martin Brodeur. I have been in love with him for about 12 years... 

Last year my husband and I went up to NJ for a concert and the day before we went, we went to a NJ Devils game. Even though he did not play (He was injured) I still got my pic with him...Sortof.. 

Next we have this guy.....He is a newcomer to my love life... This ladies is Danny Amendola. He is the newest WR for the Patriots. I was Heartbroken when the gentleman below left my Pats.  
Wes Welker. But I feel that Danny Boy will fit in here JUUUUST fine. 

Then there is this guy.... 
This is Logan Morrison he plays for the Miami Marlins. And he is AWESOME. He is so far the only baseball player to be sent down to the Minors for Tweeting.. Yup its true... He is HILARIOUS seriously go follow him on Twitter  oh yeah and watch him battle a praying mantis here. What makes this even better is this happened here in DC.  And every time he hit a HR he always points to the sky in honor of his dad that passed away from Lung Cancer. 

Then there is this guy....
David Beckham.. Really nothing to say about him... Just YUM

Well that's it.... For Now... 

Venus Trapped in Mars

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thirsty Thursday...

Hopelessly Ever After

Today I am linking up with Kristen and Chelsea for Thirsty Thursday... 

I am not much of a drinker (yet) but I am interested in making yummy drinks for the summer.. I came across a recipe for summer beer on pinterest and I am going to try it on the 4th.  

Summer Beer Original Post

You will need:
4 cold light beers 
1 can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate (Pink is a crucial ingredient. Regular lemonade is not the same.)
1 empty lemonade can’s worth of vodka 
Pour the lemonade concentrate into the pitcher, then fill the empty lemonade can with vodka.  Depending on your mood decides how strong you want. 
Pop open your cold beers.
Then pour them into the pitcher. Flick out some of the extra foam and stir.
A couple of notes from the original post.. 
  • A word of warning: it goes down easy.
  • I have also found that it’s best to add ice to the individual glasses rather than to the pitcher itself.
I will let you know how it turns out!!!! 

The fight for Ben

This is a blog post from Kait at GridIron Lipstick and I wanted to share this story... If anyone out there is a dog lover and can help... (or even just an animal lover)

The fight for Ben

If you're a dog lover like me, grab a box of tissues! I heard about sweet Ben from a friend of mine who is personal friends with Ben's human, Janell. Being the crazy dog lady that I am, my heart broke into about one thousand pieces.

With such a sweet face, Ben's story is, unfortunately, not a happy one.

A couple months ago, Janell took Ben to the vet because he was having some..ahem..potty issues.

I'll let Ben tell you the rest:

"They found a lumpy mass in my lower intestines, and they told my mom that it was probably lymphoma. They took it out and they told her that it was a bad infection, PHEW!

I was on antibiotics, and they worked for a few weeks. I was doing great, no more potty problems or nothin'! Then a few weeks ago they came back, my food that I usually loved was suddenly icky, and all of these things they call lymph nodes were swollen. My mom rushed me to the vet again and they took one of those lymph nodes out. She got a phone call a few days later and starting crying, a lot. She told me that I do have that "lymphoma" thing, and the vet said I only have a few months to live without treatment. It is very sad for everyone in my family, and I'm not ready to go to doggie heaven yet. 

My mom and dad have a human puppy on the way, and I want to meet them so badly. I love human puppies, and especially one that's going to come from my mommy and daddy. But the sad thing is, they don't have these thousands of dollars the vet needs--and they don't know where to find them either. We really need help! They said that other humans can give them some dollars hopefully to help save my life. So if you have one or two to spare, can you help me? I would try to give you a kiss for it, but I don't know if you can do that through this computer."

I cannot possibly imagine having this happen to my sweet Maddie and if you're a fellow dog owner, I'm sure you can relate--dogs are your best friend! If you're feeling so inclined to help Ben, you can do so here.

In the meantime, I'm sending all sorts of prayers Ben's way (and for Janell, too!) 

Friday, June 21, 2013

All of My Sports Loves

Venus Trapped in Mars

Ok You already know of my Obsession of this guy....
If not you can read about it here

Now....Here are some of my other loves.... 
This is Cliff Lee... He is a starter for the Phillies.. and he is HOT!!! I mean seriously... 

And this is Brady Anderson... Circa 90's I was in love with him and was convinced I was going to marry him.. I had EVERY picture known to man of him at the time. I had this poster over my bed..
I met him twice and got his autograph each time.. Too bad he did not age all that well... Roids might do that to you.... Drugs are Bad M'kay? 

My Original Crush.. 
Living in the DC area I grew up a Redskins fan. I am still a Skins fan but not as much. 
This is Gary Clark. I LOVED him. My dad took me to meet him at a department store where he was doing a meet and greet. we stood in line for a while and when we finally got up to the front of the line.. I could not move and was unable to speak.  So my dad then started a conversation about how he grew up near my grandparents. LOL I was mesmerized.. 

And this is Shay Given... He is the goalie for the Irish National Team and A Goalie for the English Premiere League Aston Villa. He is adorable...

This is David Wright.. And he plays for the EVIL Mets... But I still think he is hot.... 

Well I think this is enough of the Hotness for today... 

I'll do more of the MANY sports loves of Lisa next week... 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thirsty Thursday...

Hopelessly Ever After

Yeah a new link up!! Can't wait to try some new drinks.... 

Today I am talking about my favorite Wine from a local Winery near us... 

The Bull Run Winery

Travel back in time at our scenic, working farm vineyard in an authentic 1860's setting. The Winery at Bull Run adjoins over 5,000 countryside acres of the historic Manassas National Battlefield Park providing you with a beautiful vista of preserved 19th century farmland. Not only will we be providing wine tastings of our fine Virginia wines but we offer you a glimpse of our rich Virginia heritage with winemaking techniques from the Civil War era, historical buildings & artifacts.

My favorite wine is the The Delaney ~ Our Cuvee Blanc is named for the youngest member of the Family. An intriguing blend of raminette, Vidal Blanc, Viognier, and Riesling, Delaney makes a delicious summer quaffer. With a summer flower and citrus nose, and a juicy mouthful of white peaches, Delaney is a subtle, yet distinctive light bodied, semi-dry wine. It's a "10" on the yummy scale.

If you are ever in the DC Metro Area I suggest you stop by...

Wedding Day Link Up


Today I am linking up with Mel and Holly for Share your wedding details....

Location : Saint Andrews Episcopal Church in Burke VA

Colors: Plum and Silver  

Bridal Party: My Former BFF,  my cousin and my sister in law  

First Dance Song : I Cant Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

Honeymoon : Vegas Baby!!

What would you do different: WOW I would do ALOT of things different.
1. Different Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids (I'd add more)
2. Better Photographer
3. Better Flowers
4.Do something different with the tables
5. I would Re-Do our first kiss pic - it is HORRIBLE (I look like it is painful to kiss him)
6. I would not have had this as my cake topper

7. Hired a makeup artist

I am uber pissed that Pinterest did not exist when I got married 10 years ago.. =(

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Package Tour

So yeah.. this is how I spent my Friday night..... 
None of my pics came out so these are from 98 Degrees and NKOTB facebook page. 

I did however get a video of Donnie about 10 feet away from me. 

My hand was over the speaker apparently so it gets quiet midway through... He was soo close I almost lost my mind,.. 

I have loved Donnie since I was 10... 

It was amazing and we had a blast.. 
Boyz II Men Killed it and 98 Degrees was ok.. Nothing special which is hard for me to say since I love Drew.. But they were kinda blah... and I kinda now think Nick is douchie... Besides I am still not over Him and Jessica breaking up... NEWLYWEDS Forever!!!!! LOL 

Once my sister in law uploads her pics I will do another post with pics 

Any Blockheads, 98 Degrees or Boyz II Men fans out there??? 
What songs are your favs????? 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fan Friday!

Once again linking up with Sarah from venustrappedinmars for Fan Friday.

Venus Trapped in Mars

Today I am going to talk about the last game at Veterans Stadium on September 28 2003. The Phillies played the Atlanta Braves and lost 5-2. 
Here is a bit about the Vet: Via Wikipedia
Philadelphia Veterans Stadium (informally called "The Vet") was a professional-sportsmulti-purpose stadium, located at the northeast corner of Broad Street and Pattison Avenue, in PhiladelphiaPennsylvania, as part of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex. The listed seating capacities in 1971 were 62,000 seats for football, and 56,371 for baseball.
It housed the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles, from 1971 to 2002 and the National League's Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, from 1971 to 2003. The 1976 and 1996 Major League Baseball All-Star Games were held at the venue. The Vet also hosted the annual Army-Navy football game seventeen times: first in 1980, and last in 2001.
As the stadium aged, its condition deteriorated. A hole in the wall allowed visiting teams' players to peep into the Eagles Cheerleaders dressing room. So many mice infested the stadium that the security force employed cats as mousers.[6] The final football game played at the Vet was the Eagles' 27–10 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Championship Game on January 19, 2003. The Eagles moved into Lincoln Financial Field in August 2003.[7]
The final game ever played at the stadium was the afternoon of September 28, 2003, during which the Phillies lost to the Atlanta Braves.[8] However, the ceremony that followed pulled at the heartstrings of the sellout crowd. Both Paul Owens, a former general manager, and Tug McGraw, a former pitcher, made their final public appearances at the park that day; later that winter both men died.[9][10] The last publicly broadcast words uttered in the park were by Harry Kalas — a veteran announcer who helped open the facility on April 10, 1971 — who paraphrased his trademark home run call: "And now, Veterans Stadium is like a 3-1 pitch to Jim Thome or Mike SchmidtIt's on a looooooong drive...IT'S OUTTA HERE!!!" The team moved into Citizens Bank Park in 2004, with the first game being played there on April 12, 2004.

Here is Harry Kalas changing the number on the countdown to 0

Pat Burrell 

Lenny Dykstra

Tug McGraw (yes Tim McGraw's dad)
He arrived in a limo. 

Mike Liebrethal (My fav)
Here is my husband and I 
All of the former and current players walking around the field for the last time
It was a day I will always remember seeing all the players walk around the Vet for the last time! Even though they lost it was still an amazing day.